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Defiantly rejecting conventional rules of musical genre, Maggi Hill, with absolutely no cause at all, is a rebel. She recently completed her first CD entitled "Keep The Label", on her own Lowbrow Records label. As approximately one-half of the disc was recorded in Nashville, a careful listener will note that those songs have a country rock groove, with the inclusion of pedal steel, fiddles, and a bit of a twang now and again—Maggi picks up accents wherever she goes, thus adding to her genre identity confusion. The remainder of the tracks were recorded here in the NY/NJ/PA area, with hundreds of producers and musicians. They range in sound from reggae to pop to folk, even rhythm & blues. She's so cocky, she thinks she can write and sing anything, and no one has the nerve to tell her otherwise, fearing she'll send her godfather Vinny over to clean out their ears. Several of her songs have been played on 88.5 WXPN, a progressive station out of Philly, as well as on various local stations. Her voice and material are often compared to Linda Ronstadt, Bonnie Raitt, and Natalie Merchant. Maggi performs in the NY/NJ/PA area regularly with a 6-pc band, recently sharing the stage with Bobby Bandiera from Bon Jovi.


"...For whatever mood you are in, there is a song, and each one is better than the last...the only category this CD needs to be filled under is fantastic." - Liner Notes December '98 to full review

"While 'Keep The Label' seeks to define the Maggi Hill sounds, it surveys much of the vintage folk-rock turf of Raitt and Ronstadt with a decidedly '90s sheen." - Trenton Times October '98 to full review

"Maggi's voice is a subtly-controlled powerhouse...she is also a true character, able to win over the crowd by artfully busting its chops a bit (and by looking good)." - U.S. 1 Newspaper - May 1992

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"Keep The Label"
featuring "Flatliner"

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Full song 3:55 mins...........

Move On
Full song 3:36 mins...........

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reply here, or send check/money order for $14 to:

Lowbrow Records
P.O. Box 572
Hopewell, NJ 08525

T h e B a n d
Jerry Steele, to put it simply and accurately, can play any instrument he picks up really well; and it annoys maggi to no end.  He plays slappin', thumpin', ridin', swingin' Bass in the 6-piece band, and pedal steel and guitar in the quartet.  He's a helluva singer too, but admits he can't sing and play pedal steel at the same time very well.  He has worked with " Chic", " Patti Labelle", and other renowned artists.  He even has an old single lying around in his basement that he recorded with hot Nashville singer-songwriter Buddy Miller a few decades ago(could be a collector's item, if he could only find it). Jerry and maggi have been playing in bands together for about ten years. John Bushnell- Local guitar legend and wizard John Bushnell has been playing with maggi for about three years.  His mighty chops have been heard in many well-respected bands, including "Castle Browne", "Bricks Mortar", and "Unguided Missile ", his power trio- a fixture at John & Peter's for many years. He has an album selling briskly in germany and japan, and graciously throws maggi a guitar lick or two now and then. His harmonies are always right on the money, having been blessed with perfect pitch...
Tom Reock plays keyboards in about a dozen bands, and somehow manages to keep them all straight- he's got chops, baby, both on the ivories and in his voice.  His last album, Mainstaye, has sold out; however I think he has some cassettes left.  He was the driving force behind "The Whitewalls" and "Down to Earth ", which has been working on and off, for about seventeen years at last count... of course, it helps that the band members all married each others brothers and sisters, ex-girlfriends, and cousins. Tom has been working with maggi for about 5 years, and co-wrote Work In Motion (track #9) with her. Bob Demetrician is the jump-around guy in the band. He plays percussion (and I mean at least 50 different sounds), the tenor sax, and has the sweet high harmony that maggi sometimes can't reach. He was a sound engineer in NYC, so he's a little picky about the sound at gigs (although Jerry gets to lug the p.a. around and set it up).  This is a good thing since Bob has more than enough gear to play with.  He was also a long time member of the "Down to Earth " band.

Steve DeMet is sometimes known as Steve Demetrician (when maggi forgets to call him Steve DeMet), and is Bob's brother (not husband).  Steve found his way to Broadway, performing on stage and in the pit for Bob Fosse's "Dancin".  He was the drummer for "The Whitewalls", "Gris Gris", and you guessed it..."Down to Earth " - (maggi loved them so much, she stole half the band!).  He's about the tastiest drummer around, and adds a little jazz-inflected sound to maggi's, I mean, eclectic sound. Steve has been around the band for 5 or 6 years (all the way back to maggi's scary first demo!)